What is SEO

SEO the process of improving the visibility of a website on organic search engine result page, by incorporating search engine-friendly elements into a website. A successful Search Engine Optimization campaign will have, as part of the improvements, carefully select, relevant, keywords which the on-page optimization will be designed to make prominent for search engine algorithms.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial to sustain high visibility in relevant search results. Working hand in hand with your social media campaign it provides your potential customer importance ahead of your competitors while your digital campaign provides with the credibility. Our highly experienced SEO team ensures its clients page one of search engines such as google, yahoo etc. Carving a niche on internet search engines is just as important as defining a media presence in today’s communication landscape. 

Whether you come up first, fortieth or not at all on search engines – there is always work to be done to ensure your brand remains front and center in the eyes of the web-savvy.The most important objective of SEO is to expand your online brand footprint and, where appropriate, increase revenue and profits for business. Right from link building services to pay per click management, we carefully map out the highest ranking keywords related to your industry assuring you a well composed strategic approach to your digital campaign.

Our SEO Services

Increase Your Search Rankings and Get Discovered More Online

Local SEO

Improve your company’s local SEO rankings with GBP optimization & attract high-intent customers. We optimize your GBP profile & manage your online reputation to grow your local following.

On Page SEO

Enhance your online visibility and earn high-quality traffic. At Orion Digital, we ensure our SEO services are aligned with search engines’ best practices to boost your website’s trustworthiness.

Off Page SEO

Off-page optimization is crucial in establishing brand credibility and increasing online exposure. Partner with our SEO company and let us help you demonstrate your industry expertise.

Shopify SEO

Our SEO experts support for your urgent needs & concerns. We provide a Shopify SEO audit, Shopify web design, paid advertising & review response to optimize your customers’ Shopify experience.

Amazon SEO

We optimize your Amazon product listings, maximize ad placements & implement goal-oriented. With Amazon marketing services, Orion Digital promote your products to the right customers.

eCommerce SEO

Provide your customers with a 24/7 convenient shopping experience & increase your client retention rate. We launch targeted email marketing campaigns & optimize your site for mobile to create personalized brand experiences.

Link Building

Building links is one of the many tactics used in Search Engine Optimization because links are a signal to Google that your site is a quality resources. provides you with a reliable source of new backlinks to your website.

Keywords Research & Strategy

Our keyword research services help you tap into the power of SEO to discover what content your audience is actively searching for, equip your team to create relevant content around those topics.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is all about making, publishing and promoting your content so as to achieve your business goals.

Spam Link Removal

We at Orion Digital, help you filter your links & get rid of toxic backlinks. With our expertise with Google’s Disavow Process.

Website Audit

We can also help you with a detailed website audit to find out the Search Engine Optimization errors.

Technical SEO

Rankings can improve with optimizations on your website’s back-end, such as improving page speed.

Other Features We offer in Our SEO Services!

Increase Your Search Rankings and Get Discovered More Online

Regular Reporting

At Orion Digital, Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services pricing also depends upon the number of times we send updates and ranking reports to our clients.

Website Monitoring

We also provide Google Analytics and Google search console report to our clients monthly to measure the success of our Search Engine Optimization marketing campaign.

Competitor Analysis

Reporting is the most important factor you should be looking for when buying SEO Services. Monthly reports help you to evaluate the work your SEO company is doing for you.

Why Should You Invest in SEO Services?

Suppose you are running any local or eCommerce business and when you search for your products and services online, you don’t see your business in search engine results but your competitors are ranking very well then it may hurt you and your business to survive in this competitive market.

This is what a good SEO company do for you.

The right SEO Services helps you to achieve the first page rankings on any search engine for your desired keywords. As we all know, people search online to find the product and services they need and if your business is not visible then your potential buyers will not contact your business. The right SEO company can analyse the market and help you to get your business online for better brand visibility and exposure.


We do the required research in your industry and collect the company information to do the thinking for a categorical approach.


Your campaign goes live after the planned strategy and timelines prepared. We may do some modification during the execution depending upon the progress updates.


Eventually the goal is to build your online presence that can help you meet the target audience. Reporting is done on a timely basis for you to keep track of the campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions About SEO Services!

To begin with, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a long-term effort put in by an individual or a brand to make their website rank on the top of a search engine results page. The goal here is to increase the organic traffic on the website or the particular page.

Search engines have spiders. These are automated spiders that are assigned the job of collecting all sorts of information from your website. They collect information such as your page speed, title tags, social signals, internal linking, backlinks, and more. Based on this, they determine when to serve your page and on which rank on the SERP. Your job is to ensure your SEO techniques are on point for these spiders to crawl and find everything you wish to be searched for on the internet.

As the name suggests, on-page SEO is a practice used on or within the page to add-on to the SEO efforts. This includes content optimization and HTML coding of the page such as image optimization, keyword optimization and more. For this external links are not used.

When SEO practices are used outside of the website to help improve your ranking on SERP, it is known as off-page SEO activity. This includes link building, forums, influencer outreach, etc. which in turn help your potential clients know about your brand or website.

For search engines to recognize your page as relevant, you need to have robust website and server optimization in place. The search engine spiders crawl and index your page more effectively when technical SEO is applied.

Being online is the need of the hour & if people cannot spot your business on the top, they won’t know you exist. Building external and internal links, optimizing your page and regularly investing in SEO activities will not bring immediate results but will surely grow your brand’s visibility over the internet. If your business is the first solution that appears when people face a problem, you’ll notice actual conversions over time.

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