Best Instagram Marketing Growth Hacks in 2022

7 Best Instagram Marketing Growth Hacks

Instagram (IG) is, possibly, the most significant social media platform for marketing your brand today because it is the fastest-growing social media network. With more than 400 million daily active users, Instagram is growing 5 times faster than any other social media platform in the US alone. And recent studies show that IG users are about 60 times more likely to like, share and comment, on a brand’s post than Facebook users and about 100 times more likely to engage with a brand’s post compared to Twitter
users. Now is the perfect time to make use of IG since the channel will help you grow your business.

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Before getting started on effective Instagram growth hacks, understanding how the IG algorithm works might help. IG revealed that it looks at your past activity to measure your potential interest. Basically, if you are in touch with an account regularly, the algorithm is going to pick that up and push it to the front. And, if you are a brand, you would want your followers to engage with your content effectively to push it forward.

So, first, you should begin with a detailed roadmap to achieving your IG goals. Mark the exact goals you want to accomplish from your Insta account like the level of followers, or the leads and sales you want to reach by a definite date. 

Here are a few tips and hacks on how to use IG to help Grow your Followers, Engagements and Business.

1. Instagram Stories

An Insta study said about 500 million users watch Instagram Stories every day and that is only half of the IG user base. These 24-hour clips can provide a look into your business because this allows you to engage with customers on a personal level. Things like answering questions, running polls, quizzes, asking for DMs and emoji sliders are simple and fun ways to increase engagement.

Q&As give you a chance to directly speak with your followers or customers. Q&As can be about your brand, such as what they like about your next new launch, or something about your followers, like what is their favorite Sunday recipe, Monsoon menu, or who their sporting guru is…

Running quizzes is another great way to boost engagement. Let us consider that you are planning a new mint-cum-chocolate flavored ice cream. In a poll, you can ask your followers which ice cream flavor they think is your next release. If most of your followers think it is some exotic flavor like bubble bum, or black raspberry chip and nowhere near mint and chocolate, you may reconsider your flavor. It can be the same with the emoji slider. If the most common response to your new product is not too good, you can
make changes accordingly.

Make sure to share your feed posts to your stories to enhance interaction. Another good way of improving your network can be sharing other brands’ content in your stories.

2. Create outstanding content

To grow your account, you should create outstanding content that makes you jump out of the masses of content on IG. Creating great content with a location tag will expose your content to people who might not have seen it otherwise. Instagram’s algorithm takes note of the user’s relationship with other users and all the touch- points of your followers. So, replying to a like or comment from such people could also increase your followers.

To find a unique angle for Instagram content, you can analyze your competitors’ content too. Find out the type of posts they bring out, the ones that get the most comments, likes and shares…whether your competitors have IGTV channels and what their videos are about and so on. Also, try to find the gaps you can fill or the angles you can adopt to stay ahead of the game.

3. Reels or IGTV channel

It is a known fact that Instagram prioritizes video content. Instagram launched reels to tackle TikTok. Here, users get a similar video format and creative freedom as TikTok. IGTV videos can be one-hour- long, unlike the 15-second stories or one-minute feeds. Moreover, interested viewers have to follow you to ‘subscribe’ to your channel and get notifications of future content. Additionally, IGTV videos remain on your channel as long as you want. Growing followers this way can be a good idea.

4. Engage with Influencers

Engaging with influencers really works when you are just beginning with user-generated content. Look for small influencers (about 50K followers). You can collaborate with influencers by sending free products in exchange for a post instead of cash payments. Big influencers can charge you thousands of
dollars and if you are just beginning to grow your account that will not be practical. Moreover, micro-influencers can get you the most loyal fans.

Look for micro-influencers and at the popular hashtags in your niche. Look at the recommended accounts and the top content to see if any of the accounts could be good to work with. Contact the influencers through DMs rather than e-mailing them, or texting them. This will make it easier for them since they can check out your page quickly to see if your brands align. Ensure that the influencers tag you when posting about your business.

5. Grow with cross-promotion

To grow your following, you should use every available opportunity to promote your Instagram account. When you start following popular hashtags in your niche, posts that are tagged with these, start showing in your feed. You can scroll through these and add likes and comments on these posts, too.

You can also upload Instagram videos to YouTube and link them to promote your IG account. Now, IGTV even supports parallel video, so you can upload your YouTube channel content on IGTV, too. You can try working with complementary brands—the ones that are in your niche but are not your direct
competitors. For example, if you are into interior decorating, you can promote brands selling office or home furniture or linen.

6. Using hashtags

Instagram has demystified the ‘shadowbanning’ myth, so use as many hashtags as you can (max 30). So, do not get into a debate about whether brands should hide hashtags in captions or comments. Use hashtags in captions because results show posts with hashtags in captions outperform posts with hashtags in comments.

You may even try creating a branded hashtag. This will help you increase your brand awareness and it will be easier for you to find user-generated content for sharing. It will also allow you to keep track of other people’s posts about your brand. It will also create a mini-community of followers for you.

7. Promote user-generated content (UGC)

If you have a branded hashtag, it will help you find posts from your community. There are more ways to encourage UGC. Adding a special message or a small card with each shipment of your product will encourage your customers to follow you on IG. They may share a photo of their order and promote your branded hashtag, too.

You can boost UGC by hosting a giveaway. To join, participants have to post on IG by tagging you with your branded hashtag. Followers happily enter competitions and it also gives your brand exposure to a wider market.

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