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Social Media Marketing Agency

Social media platform is booming rapidly. It gives a great business start up for small scale as well as large scale industries. Most of the people all across the world remain very active on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs, Social bookmarking sites, YouTube and PR. Social Media helps to promote the brand and increase the visibility of the brand. We create a social media strategy for your business based on your goals and niche. We also take care of the online PR (Press Release) by driving online visibility and traffic of your PR to thousands of media websites & Blogs and also take care of the Online Reputation management of your company's profile brand.

Orion PR and Digital is the agency which provides Social Media marketing, PR services and Online Reputation Management. We serve you the best as a PR agency and Digital marketing. You can have a firm belief in the efficacy of our services.

What We Do? And what makes us different from others.

* Branding and promotion on social networks and forums.
* Blogging and creating Blogger relations with opinion makers online, influencing the opinion makers and their follower base.
* Building subscribers and cross-promotion of blog.
* User Expansion, buildup of followers on official social media pages.
* Video testimonial and advertorials sharing in order to create viral campaigns.
* Bookmarking on high ranking portals to increase Google presence.

We also execute three phase process to obtain the outcome of the social media. We are different from other agencies as we have the best and experienced team as well as we serve the requirements of the clients on time. The creativity and the innovativeness of our team members are intellectual and they provide the best as per the need of the client to create their company’s profile and Brand so that they can make their business up growing through Social media.

We are located in multiple cities like Mumbai, New Delhi, NCR, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Kolkata.

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